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Jennifer Kingsland’s art pieces blur the lines between photography and painting,
naturalism and artifice, the seen and the unseen. Her artwork is transformative:
photographs of ordinary objects are digitally manipulated, re-colored and layered
to create vivid, fantastical images. A single piece may use thirty or more
photographs as source material. Sometimes the source can be clearly identified (a
stone, a reflection of trees in water, a brick wall), while other times the source
remains elusive (steam on a mirror? a streak of metal? a bit of flour?) Each piece
presents a different emotional realm or imaginary landscape, open-ended and
stimulating to the imagination of the viewer.

On the process of creation:

“The creation of each piece is a journey. I start out with a set of images and an
idea. Sometimes the images work together in a way that I envision, and
sometimes they don’t. There is always a dark period in the middle of each
creation where I try and mesh things together and solve problems that I have
created for myself. And there is always a turning point, an ‘aha!’ moment when I
discover how it can be done. There is always a moment of clarity when I realize
that the piece is how I want it to appear. There is a moment of pride when I feel
like I have achieved what I wanted to do- create something interesting, stimulating
and beautiful... and then there is a moment when I start feeling the need to
create something else.”

Using a digital medium, Jennifer Kingsland takes photography far beyond what is
seen, and into the realm of what is imagined. The photographs become the paint,
and the final piece embodies much more than the sum of its parts.